Spring cuts have already started at the Made Man Barber Shop, and there's been some shifting trends as styles change towards warmer weather.

Owner Gianfranco Triscari sat down to discuss what's been happening and what we have to look forward to: “Since curls are back, a shop favorite has been Mr. Pompadour’s curl cream. Their whole line has been popular, since they sell everything from hair styling, hair care, cleansing, and beard creams.”

Gianfranco also discussed new acquisitions in his barber roster, “We would like to welcome two new talents to the team, Nelvin and Noelia. Both barbers, like all barbers on our team, have a deep passion for styling. Nelvin does to our shop with ten years experience where he was also a barber educator in Puerto Rico, while Noelia has been cutting for five years but has grown very fast in the industry. She worked for the JRL Clipper Company and Hunter Hair Products, and was just featured at the IBS Show in Manhattan.”

One more update happening at The Made Man Barbershop. In order to better accommodate its clients, the shop will now be open on Sundays from 10am-4pm.

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Article by: Wayne Girard

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