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The Made Man Barbershop

About Us

At the Made Man Barbershop, we’re all about helping you to look and feel amazing. Our mission is to give you the best cut of your life, so that you leave feeling like the best version of yourself.

We are an upscale barber shop in Fords, New Jersey and the highest rated in the area. That’s no coincidence either: we have worked hard to gain the trust and respect of the local clientele, by providing the very best service, operating out of the most relaxing, high-end premises.

The Experience

As soon as you walk in, we aim to make you feel comfortable and taken care of. You’ll be greeted by a member of our staff and taken to meet your barber. All of our staff are highly trained and can handle any cut that you think of. We offer everything from signature haircuts, to precision shaves, and clipper cuts. That said, our specialties are scissor cuts, comb overs, fades, French crops, and straight razor cuts.

If you’re looking for advice and ideas, then we will be more than happy to give it. That said, we like to keep our customers firmly in the driving seat – it is of course up to you what kind of cut you would like, and we pay close attention to detail and always listen carefully to requests. Your happiness is our number one objective, and we will bend over backward to ensure that you leave feeling satisfied.

We only work with the highest quality products, from our clippers which provide the perfect cut every time, to our hair products that will leave you with an incredibly styled do. We recommend booking an appointment with us before any big interview, date, or presentation in fact!

All of our technicians are highly trained and experienced. We only work with the very best in the business, and that’s why our customers travel from all around to get their hair cut with us! We have regulars from Perth Amboy, Woodbridge, Metuchen, Sayreville, and more! We believe that haircut is something you should look forward to, because you know that you’re going to feel amazing afterward and get the very best service during!

The Difference

Do you remember the best haircut you ever had? You probably found the whole experience to be incredibly relaxing, while at the same time satisfying. You were probably treated like royalty from the moment you set foot in the premises, and you probably found that you had an extra spring in your step for weeks after.

That’s what we aim to deliver every single time. We are a small business with a real passion for what we do, and we strongly believe that this is what has set us apart from the crowd. There is an artistry and a science to the perfect haircut, and when you recognize that, you will find that it can make a huge difference.

Give us a visit and see what it feels like to become a made man!

457 New Brunswick Ave

Fords, NJ 08863

(848) 203 - 3370